Case Management

What is Case Management?

The Community Guidance Center’s Case Management Program is designed to assist adults or children (and their families) who have a serious mental illness or emotional disturbance in accessing resources and services which will allow them to live successfully in their home community.

  • Provide support to enable the individual to attain or maintain an optimal level of functioning. 
  • Ensure access to and promote appropriate use of services by assigning the individual to the appropriate level of service. 

How does Case Management Provide Assistance?

Case Management is an outreach program meeting individuals or families at a time and location of their choice (home, agencies, park, etc). Case Managers help the individuals or families recognize strengths and assist in using those strengths to achieve specific goals identified by the individuals. Case Managers focus on assisting the individuals or families in accessing appropriate services to meet their needs in the following areas:

Housing, income, insurance, transportation, utilities, food and clothing.

Social activities, clubs, sports and recreation, hobbies.

Academic and behavioral support for children, GED, secondary education, job training, employment services.

Mental and physical health care needs, including PCP, therapist, psychiatrist, partial programs, summer treatment programs, respite and diverse services.

Case Management…A Values Based Approach

We value working on individual strength, learning, growing, change, self-determination of the individual, individuals taking an active role in pursuing personal growth, a positive relationship between the Case Manager and the individual, and the community as a resource.

How do I enroll in Case Management?

  • Therapist Referral: Let your therapist know that you would like to receive Case Management and they can start the referral process for you.
  • Call Us: Call us directly at either 724-465-5576 or toll-free at 1-888-686-1991 and let us know you are interested in starting Case Management Services.


Medical Assistance accepted. If you do not have Medical Assistance, other options may be available.