ALPHA Child and Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program

What is ALPHA?

ALPHA is designed to be a short-term comprehensive mental health treatment program with an academic intervention. The program is offered to students with a mental health diagnosis that are in grades K-12.

This program is a year round mental health placement, providing a full day of mental health therapy and psychiatric medication services, while an academic component is provided by a certified teacher. Transportation to and from the program can generally be arranged. 

How Can ALPHA Help?

ALPHA will help the students to develop appropriate school, family and community socialization skills, while gaining an understanding of their mental health diagnosis and the importance of treatment. The students will also develop coping skills to deal with stressors associated with their mental health diagnosis. Family involvement is strongly encouraged through monthly team meetings with the psychiatrist and treatment team members. The goal is for the student to return to their home school where they will function independently and be successful.


Various insurances are accepted, and under certain conditions, fees are adjusted to income and ability to pay. Please contact us for more information on insurances.