Drug and Alcohol Certified Recovery Specialist Services

What is a Certified Recovery Specialist?

A Certified Recovery Specialist provides peer support services to individuals working towards recovery from drug and alcohol use. A Certified Recovery Specialist serves as a peer advocate, and provides information and support in emergency, outpatient, or inpatient settings. A Certified Recovery Specialist is a motivator, a mentor or a guide, and an advocate.

A Certified Recovery Specialist will interact safely and effectively with peers to:

  • Assist peers in determining reasonable and holistic steps moving toward recovery
  • Assist peers in identifying barriers and overcoming barriers to recovery goals
  • Assist peers in identifying personal strengths in daily living and recovery skills
  • Observe and reinforce positive progress that peers make toward recovery goals
  • Teach problem-solving skills
  • Utilizes his/her unique recovery experience to teach and role model the value of every individuals recovery experience


Various insurances are accepted and under certain conditions, fees are adjusted to income and ability to pay. Please call us for more information on which insurances are accepted.

The Drug and Alcohol Departments Annual Report is available upon request