Early Intervention Program

What is the Early Intervention Program?

The Early Intervention Program provides services to children aged birth to three years who have or are at risk for developmental delays. The program is a family-focused/family-centered delivery system. Services are provided to the child based upon strengths, concerns, priorities and resources identified by the family.

The Early Intervention Service Coordinators will:

  • Help parents identify their goals for their children and themselves
  • Establish and maintain links among resources, services and supports
  • Document and track delivery of services and evaluate how these services meet the family goals
  • Advocate on behalf of the child and their family

Who is the Early Intervention Program For?

Eligibility for services is based upon a significant delay in any area of a child’s development or a diagnosis of a condition which has a high probability of resulting in a developmental delay. If it is determined that the child has a developmental delay, a referral will be made to a team of specialists, who, together with the Service Coordinator and family, will develop a plan to meet the child’s individual needs.

What if the Child Doesn’t Have a Significant Delay?

If the child doesn’t have a significant developmental delay, but may be at risk for having a delay in the future, the family can choose to have the child participate in the Tracking Program, in which a Service Coordinator will monitor the child’s development every two months.


Services are provided at no cost to families.