Family Based Mental Health Services

What is the Family Based Program?

The Family Based Program is designed to help children and adolescents with emotional or behavioral problems receive comprehensive services in their home. Family Based includes family therapy in which all family members are encouraged to participate in order to achieve desired changes. Family Support Services are also offered. This assists the family in identifying/accessing services and activities that could help promote positive changes. Family Based includes all members of the family to aid in producing positive change and growth.


What is Unique About Family Based?

Family Based services are delivered by a team of two professionals. The team will work together to identify strengths and needs in the family and establish goals based upon these strengths and needs.

Every Family Based therapist attends a state-mandated three-year training program and primarily provides services in the home as well as various other locations depending on the family’s needs.


Medical Assistance is accepted. If you do not have Medical Assistance, other options may be available.