What is Unique About our Outpatient Therapy?

The Community Guidance Center’s Outpatient Therapy Program is unique because our therapists look at the whole picture when treating an individual. A wide array of therapy for adults, children, and families is offered as well as group therapy for many specific needs. Co-occurring individual and group therapy is offered at many of our locations for individuals struggling with mental health and drug and alcohol issues. Therapists at our DuBois and Clearfield locations also specialize in treatment for drug and alcohol issues. 

Outpatient Services

The Community Guidance Center offers several therapy options to address your needs. Outpatient Services are available to adults as well as children. An individual can participate in more than one of the below therapy options.

Therapeutic services that take place on a one-on-one basis with a therapist.

This therapy is designed for couples who would like to focus on relationship strengthening and improving communication.

This therapy involves two or more family members who are interested in working on issues such as parent-child relationships, child-child relationships, and blended and multigenerational family relationships.

This is a specialized group designed to provide additional support for individuals requesting more services than traditional outpatient therapy. It is available three days per week.

This therapy provides individuals an opportunity to gain support, psycho-education and counseling from a therapist in a group setting. Group therapy, together with individual therapy, allows individuals to receive additional support from others working on similar recovery goals.

This therapy, designed for children ages 2 to 7, is an exceptionally effective treatment backed by 20 years of evidence-based research. Through weekly therapy sessions, caregivers are coached in specific play therapy and discipline skills by the therapist through an earpiece while the therapist observes the caregiver and child. This therapy is available at our DuBois office.

DuBois/Clearfield MH Groups:
Illness Management and Recovery, Anger Management, Co-occuring Group, Intensive Outpatient Program, Depression Group, Enhance Outpatient Therapy, Anxiety Management, Bipolar Group, Forensics Group, Sand Tray Therapy


DuBois/Clearfield D&A Groups:
Co-occuring Intensive Outpatient, Opioid Replacement Counseling Group


Indiana/Punxy MH Groups:
Managing Your Moods, Intensive Outpatient Program, Women’s Group, Anger Management, Healthy Living/Medication Management, Motivational Enhancement Group, Recovery Education Group, Sexual Offenders Group, Medical Support, Clozaril, Co-occuring Disorders, Teen Group, Good Group-Getting Out of Depression, Wellness Recovery Action Plan, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy


Various insurances are accepted and under certain conditions, fees are adjusted to income and ability to pay. Please call us for more information on which insurances are accepted.